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Escaped Bird - Now What??

  • Start searching as soon as you realize your bird is lost. A scared bird can travel several blocks before calming down and looking for a roost and an immediate search is your best bet to locate your pet.
  • Place his/her cage outside in plain sight, with the cage loaded with his/her favorite treats and fresh water. Leave the cage door open.
  • Talk to your neighbors, let them know you are missing your bird.
    • Walk around the neighborhood. Call his/her name, whistle his/her call, talk as you would whenever he/she is around. The sound of your voice or whistle can attract your lost bird.
    • Offer a reward for the safe return of your lost bird.
  • Hang up fliers around your home with a detailed description and picture of your bird. Don't forget to deliver one to each home within several blocks of your home.
  • Visit and talk to local pet shop employees, put a flyer on their lost and found board.
  • Place a lost ad in your local newspaper(s), some newspapers allow people to place ads about lost or found animals for free. Look for a found ad listing your missing bird.
  • Send a flier to your local bird Veterinarian.
  • Call your local animal shelter and list your bird as missing and send them a flyer. Go to the animal shelter daily, or at least call to see if your bird or one similar has been captured or surrendered.
  • List your bird as missing at lost and found bird Web sites. Some suggestions:,,,, and