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Cockatiel Rescue: About Us

Avian Rescue (ARC) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation committed to helping save the lives of all birds, one branch is known as Cockatiel Rescue (CR) and is devoted to saving and preserving those colorful, and talkative Cockatiels. ARC has 501(c)(3) IRS tax exempt status, if you would consider donating time, materials, or money. ARC is an approved participant in the United Way of the Bay Area Campaign, the California State Employee's Charitable Campaign, and the Combined Federal Campaign. Our main ARC web page has a PayPal link for donations. This web page is dedicated to CR with its  home base in California. CR is loosely affiliated with over 300 rescue groups throughout the US (see a list on our web page here) and works closely with local animal shelters in the western US to provide a safe haven for Cockatiels that have become lost from their homes, or need relocation until safe and suitable homes can be established.

The listings below have been taken from call-ins, emails and various other lost and found sites. The date and/or description of the cockatiel may not be totally accurate, therefore if it could be yours, please call or email the individual shown and ask about the tiel.

Due to the automatic closing after 7 days of the opening of a listing on Craigslist, our lists do not include Craigslist addresses, HOWEVER you should check your local Craigslist for any current listing.

To check on our Cockatiels, visit our Aviary website at CR Aviary

Lost & Looking for Their Home: If it sounds like yours, please call the number/email shown.

  1. Novato, CA. Female PEARLY-PIED cockatiel. REWARD. (415)690-3402, (415)532-5602 11-26-2017
  2. Lady Lake, FL. 6 cockatiels, no descriptions given. Wearing leg bands with “LEXA”. REWARD. (352)396-2081 11-01-2017
  3. Schaumberg, IL. Cinnamon grey cockatiel with yellow face and orange cheeks. Whistles. (630)335-9623 10-30-2017
  4. Portland, OR. "El" Grey normal cockatiel with yellow face and orange cheeks. Whistles. (503)331-0760 10-23-2017
  5. Mahomet, IL. "Cloud" Grey normal cockatiel. REWARD. Knows “step up” command. (617)697-2418 10-05-2017
  6. Palo Alto, CA. "Machi" Yellow (Lutino) cockatiel with red cheeks. REWARD. Responds to whistling and name. Whistles. (650)321-5860 09-30-2017
  7. Mt View, CA. "Whitley" Yellow female PEARL cockatiel. REWARD. (831)428-2068 09-26-2017
  8. Phoenix, AZ. Grey cockatiel with yellow head and orange cheeks. REWARD. (858)736-1154 09-24-2017
  9. Boynton Beach, FL. "Sweet Pie" Grey mutation (mostly yellow) cockatiel. Chirps and sings. REWARD. (786)707-9897 09-20-2017
  10. Parkland, FL. "Pikachu" Female grey normal cockatiel with almost no yellow on face, light orange cheeks, 2 spots on back of head. (954)770-4797 08-21-2017
  11. Orlando, FL. "Squeaky" Female grey normal cockatiel with yellow and grey splashes on her head and face and a white band around her neck. REWARD. (407)766-6030 08-13-2017
  12. Holbrook, NY. "Cheesy" Light grey cockatiel with yellow head and orange cheeks. (631)561-5556 08-06-2017
  13. Rochester, NY. "Charmy" White cockatiel with yellow head and orange cheeks. REWARD. (585)489-4985 07-23-2017
  14. Levittown, PA. "Ziggy" White faced grey and white only PIED cockatiel. Answers to name, wolf whistles. (215)510-6332, (215)526-1991 07-23-2017
  15. Greenfield, WI. "Bella" Mostly grey cockatiel with a little white spot of feathers on one side of her head. REWARD. (414)324-9558 07-13-2017
  16. Decatur, GA. "Puck" Cockatiel, no description given. REWARD. (504)496-1625 07-11-2017
  17. Belmont, CA. "Noemi" Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel with yellow face and orange cheeks. REWARD. (650)339-6140 07-10-2017
  18. Las Vegas (Mountains Edge community), NV. "Jasper" Yellow , white, and grey cockatiel. Answers to name. (702)239-9876 07-08-2017
  19. Trooper, PA. "Jackson" White faced grey cockatiel. Email 07-05-2017
  20. Bakersfield, CA. "Shipwreck" White faced grey cockatiel. REWARD. (661)380-5463, (661)497-0078 07-01-2017

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Found & Looking for a Home: Please call number/email shown for information.

  1. San Benito, TX. Grey normal cockatiel with some extra white on tail and wings. (956)361-7276 12-09-2017
  2. Santa Barbara, CA. Grey normal cockatiel with yellow face and orange cheeks. Email 11-26-2017
  3. Newtown, PA. Grey normal cockatiel. (215)422-2045 10-03-2017
  4. Montello, WI. Exotic Tropical BIRD. (414)333-7652 10-02-2017
  5. Austin, TX. Pied cockatiel. A Parront’s Love Small Bird Rescue, (512)838-3876 09-30-2017
  6. Corona, CA. White faced grey cockatiel. (909)530-9516 08-26-2017
  7. Sea Cliff (near Tappen Beach), NY. Female grey normal cockatiel with light orange cheeks. Taken to Brookville Animal Hospital, (516)674-3322 08-21-2017
  8. Spring, TX. Female grey normal cockatiel. (214)773-9767 07-24-2017
  9. Los Angeles (Marina Del Rey), CA. Yellow faced cockatiel. (248)229-5791 06-24-2017
  10. Belen, NM. Dark Gray Cockatiel. (505)850-4726 06-11-2017
  11. Mukilteo, WA. Cockatiel, no description given. Contact Mukilteo Police Department, (425)263-8100 (business hours are 9am-4:30pm) 05-22-2017
  12. Silver Spring, MD. Mostly grey cockatiel with yellow head and orange cheeks. (301)312-4915 05-03-2017
  13. Concord, CA. Cockatiel, call ARC and describe. NOT grey normal. (925)686-2350 05-01-2017
  14. El Cajon, CA. Yellow, white and grey PIED cockatiel with grey wings and grey back. Yellow and grey face with light orange cheeks. Whistles. (619)633-9378 02-15-2017
  15. North Miami, FL. White faced light grey and white cockatiel. (954)304-7556 text only 11-03-2016
  16. Ft. Myers, FL. Grey normal cockatiel with yellow face and orange cheeks. (954)304-7556 text onl 10-25-2016
  17. Antioch, CA. Cockatiel, no description given. (925)428-7802 10-14-2016
  18. Oak Creek, WI. Grey normal cockatiel. (815)762-9419 10-07-2016
  19. Charlotte, NC. PIED cockatiel with yellow head, grey wings with yellow power feathers, yellow tail, orange cheeks. Leg band. (704)957-0274 09-16-2016
  20. West Babylon, NY. PEARL cockatiel. Vet clinic (631)424-0300 08-30-2016

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Please call (925)686-2350 if you have any update information, have lost a Cockatiel and would like it listed, or happen to be looking for the owner of a bird that may have adopted you.